Manufacturing Facilities (Casting)


(A) Alloy Cast Iron Indefinite Chill Rolls (Static Cast)



We also produce DPIC & ICCI rolls by sand casting technology. The hardness of there rolls varies for 55-75 shore hardness. The superb qualities of our rolls have endeared the company amongst our buyers.

We are using very high standard of chemical like nickel, copper, chromium, manganese, molybdenum, vanadium, tungsten & other requisite chemicals to strengthen and harden the structure of the metal so as to withstand strenuous wear conditions and arduous service.

The long experience of our foundry men & adequate selection of raw material as well as the accurate laboratory testing of every single casting have enabled us to produce mill rolls proper hardness and adequate ductility of hardened layer. Our foundry men are dedicated to produce the quality rolls.

These are cast iron based rolls alloyed with Nickel, Chromium and Molybdenum having a matrix of pearlite and carbide with flake graphite. These rolls are used primarily for section rolling. The material has very good thermal properties coupled with property of impartingt good surface finish to the product. These rolls show rich and deep layer of chill with minimal fall in hardness.
These rolls are also available in higher hardness range where the matrix is Baintic instead of pearlitic and are used in finishing stands of rod mill.

(A) Alloy Cast Iron definite Chill Rolls

The manufacture of chill Rolls of special cast iron by the state of art centrifugal casting technology widely used in the Western European Countries has been engineered in India by Metallic Alloys (P) Ltd. The process has been well developed in our foundry and roll of various diameters and length are being regularly manufactured for automatic & manual steel re-rolling mills roll flour mills, solvent extraction plants and other rolls mills.

The rolls are of universal type and can be used a working member in roller mills of any model.

We produce chill roll barrels by centrifugal casting which is an innovated method of casting and chill rolls and with this casting the rolls remain free from pinholes and cracks. The surface of these rolls gives uniform hardness and deep hardness, which is indispensable for the high quality of chill rolls.

The steel shafts are fitted in the barrels with shrink fitting technology,hydraulic system along with M.S lock nuts on both sides of the barrels. This method annihilates the chances of loosing the shafts.

The rolls manufactured by the centrifugal casting process have better strength, higher density, better elongation, better wear resistance fewer casting defects & uniform chill depth. The rolls are balanced as they are cast at a speed of 1200 to 1500 r.p.m chill depth can be increased if required and should be specified while placing order.

(B) Duplex Metal Rolls (Spun Cast).

These double poured rolls are cast by centrufugally casting the shell in a horizontal machine to develop a better quality of double poured or composite rolls to suit the strengent requirements of modern hot strip mills. The centrifugally cast shell metal develops a finer & denser structure with very little drop in hardness and are more resistant to fire cracking & spelling compared to static-cast rolls. These rolls are also available in various hardness ranges and with both grey and ductile iron core.

1. Chill Roll In definite Chill.
2. Hardness 50% to 80% shore hardness
3. Shaft fitting with the hydraulic system, No Chance Shaft Play (Vibration).
4. More Giving 25% Excess Rolling.